The Thrill of Love – Costume Research

Looking at period clothing for men and women in the 50s. I am particularly interested in Ruth’s costume, and making her appear sexy and seductive, but still with an element of being a victim. I think the small details of her costume are really important such as the glasses and headscarf.

I am also interested in menswear for Jack Gale. There is quite a specific suit which men would wear in the 50s, and I feel this would be accompanied by a trilby hat, appropriate shoes and other accessories.

cab848e089759982bfe83e4bcc602293149c938cde1e83f2c850303228b798600f0a136b71ec463eddf8436bcb792ccf 98d4d80aac1110fe699cc2b7baa3abd9 d48fd4de708b842265bc8996266952917d6f001827652b20c542de42d14e3166 10b6955b90207b3270e28cfc713b3c52eb6d97e53dc1dd46de504eca17e1ae33 2f244b695181918ac9c117c9c3536c00


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