The Thrill of Love – Prop Research

A fundamental part of any set is the props; it adds a finishing touch which can’t be achieved just through the set design. I have been researching different kind of props, either for use in the play by the actors, or just to place around the set to give it a sense of realism.

bec0ba5da7736875098447a3ccbf92e3 604dc3aee88a0b71dbe5ebcb2676e8d0 309dbf36edb578e35c3e5f4e6f4a9b16 7cceed34f7f15e51feb193abac8abff4 07168cd4d5cea2ee46ff34c070e64774 a0c88b9648b97f8218abebcf1ba2d9c0 de1d6fada32f3c66bb71358f739ae718 f9801d180323507da1db537d24154a9c 0d35f726b665b17fc46024f23d583c4e bf83b32e4d23966569b397109b6b922b 9b6cde14857cc41c5b287bd297ad0184


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