Thrill of Love – Set Design Research

I have been researching some initial ideas for the atmosphere and setting of the play, and trying to get a feel for 1950s London. In my head I have images of ‘Chicago’ and that cabaret style, however I know this is a completely different time and location, therefore I wanted to conduct some further research so my ideas would be more appropriate for the play. As it is based on a true story, it is so important to be accurate in everything, from costume and makeup, to set and props. Here are some images, some real and some staged, from the 50s to give me a starting point.

b0fe66cd1c2d31fc2edf2c1744225548 d3ae390e154a570f14b0294a1f4a9a67 d228752d54633e6f33ce8112600346a9 c6632255278a3f1aa5baaf387e58d305 004375428827da9d2d3fc4d0513fbe9a 9239532df1b98e464be89474077aa0a3 9f2366f74cf56f5515bc505a761671c8 a5e80500ec62ef4e10ef7f524f145e4c b135687138e2f82d27fe02c8dbd46af0


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