Lighting Week 2

This week in the lighting session we were divided into groups; working at height with Adam and looking at coloured lighting with Shane. The first half of the day I was looking  at gels and how they can change the colour of the light. I was surprised at the amount of different colours there were, and also that the gels were actually made out of special material which doesn’t catch fire when subjected to high temperatures. We were also shown inside Shane’s office which holds all the electrical systems for the lights.

I was slightly apprehensive for working at height, even though I don’t actually have a fear of heights. The scaffolding tower looked quite daunting when you stood underneath it however once I’d actually got to the top it was alright. It was slightly confusing knowing where to put your hands, especially when opening the trap doors, but Adam talked me through it so I was okay.

I found the ladder even more daunting, especially as it shook a lot when other people climbed it. Nonetheless I climbed to the top and touched the lighting bars so I was quite proud of that. We were also given a brief introduction to the lighting desk by Adam.

IMG_0310 IMG_0313 IMG_0316 IMG_0318


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