Painting the floor…

The floor was one of my favourite parts to do, as it involved more painting than constructing so it was a nice break to be able to spend time working on that. We firstly primed the floor with a creamy coat, and then sprayed over it with a yellow ocre. We then gave it a glaze so that it would have the desired wood effect. Once we had done this we divided the floor into panels, like planks of wood, and masking taped the edges so we could get clear lines. I mixed a browny shade and watered it down to the right consistency; it needed to be slightly watery for the graining tools but not too watery that it would become transparent. We applied the brown onto the dried floor surface, using wide and chunky brushstrokes. We then used the graining tools to create the wood effect, and I was really impressed with the results. We did this all across the surface of the floor, and then added a few dark browns for shading on the corners of the planks.



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