Lighting Week 3

We had the opportunity this week to have a look at how successful our gobos were. We were set a task in the first week where we had to design a gobo under a group theme, draw it onto AutoCAD or Illustrator, and then give it to Mick to be laser cut. In this Fridays session I put my gobo into the gobo holder and tested it out against the screen. our group decided to do a ’50s Wallpaper’ theme and so I was quite impressed with the result.

IMG_0369 IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0372

Our second task for the day was setting a scene, and my group was given ‘sunlight into a bedroom’. This was quite handy as I had made some shutters for our actual set in the week, and so we were able to use that with a soft yellow light. We quickly created a bed out of chairs and rigged the lantern onto the stand behind the shutters so the light filtered through and it looked quite realistic. The gel we chose was quite yellowy and so it looked like the sun setting in the early evening of a summers day.


We were also asked to bring a copy of an ‘Old Master’ to the session in order for us to recreate the lighting within the picture. This is the one we chose, and we recreated it by directing a Pinspot into a lantern which we found, and having red under lighting for Jesus.


This is our recreation:


The other groups also did their recreations of Old Masters and it was interesting to see the transition from an image to actual real-life lighting.

IMG_0382 IMG_0383 IMG_0386 IMG_0394


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