As a course trip, we went to the playhouse to see the production of ‘Mermaid’ which was written and directed by Polly Teale.

We also received a pre-show talk from Tom Piper, the designer for the play. He talked about his processes and inspirations, and showed us slides of some of the reference images which he used.

I enjoyed the play, and its unusual twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. It wasn’t ‘princessy’ or ‘Disney-esque’; it was raw and honest and sometimes a little uncomfortable. I felt the stage was unique, however from where we were sat we couldn’t see much of the ‘underneath action’ and could only see the actors either when they were on top of the platform, or just emerging out from underneath it.

Nonetheless, I appreciated the musty mirrors, and the way they got rid of the furniture by incorporating it into the play. It was an unusual interpretation which I’m glad I saw, especially as fellow course mate, Nikki, was a part of it so we could cheer her on.


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