Maxine Peake as Hamlet

As part of the course we were recommended to go to the Broadway cinema to see Maxine Peake as Hamlet, at Manchester’s Royal Exchange. The show was apparently a hit, and had an interesting stage design.

We checked this out online and here is the trailer which made us really want to see the show.

We also had a look at the Cineworld in the Cornerhouse and it turned out to be cheaper there so we decided to go there instead. The film lasted around 3hr 45mins and so it was quite long, however I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was better than the film adaptations which I have seen. Maxine Peake’s performance was outstanding and I also enjoyed Katie West’s interpretation of Ophelia as I have seen her perform at the Royal Exchange before as a completely different character.

The stage design was really interesting, particularly as it was set in modern day Denmark as opposed to the Elizabethan period. The lightbulbs created tension when the ghost of King Hamlet appeared, and the removable plastic meant the stage had different layers. I was also impressed by the use of specific costume, such as the bin men inspired wear for the grave diggers.


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