Hamlet – Gas Masks

I came up with the idea of using gas masks as a symbol of death within the play, and have been researching different styles for my costume designs. The main character to wear a gas mask is the ghost of Hamlet’s father who will wear it throughout the play. I would also like the final scene to include all dead characters standing up, putting on a gas mask and walking to the front of the stage for an eerie curtain call which would make the audience feel really uncomfortable in true Artaud style. They would be joined by other characters from the play who have died, all wearing various gas masks, and stand in silence at the front of the stage until a blackout draws the play to a close.

Although this is stepping into director’s territory, I feel it really enhances my ideas for the theme of the play and reminds the audience how death is a key element to the play and how it is inevitably a tragedy.

Here are some images of the kind of gas masks I would like to include within my costume designs.

a2799b048eadfd041444088ec5e3994e d659af3c54140940216122640148777d anigif_enhanced-buzz-32132-1382991590-17_preview 64ed33c0f4b49ee79899263654e89ff7 bae1ee7afc1a1e21fa1ed3a49080e15d 27c964fad42e7df8cfe21b81fcd43030 17da3b085f7eeef9a9efef3ffb6cef4f 874cd72e8eeb05f2312620d0c2b9810d


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