Hamlet – Set Design Research

I have been looking for sets, or scenes which are very bleak and bare which gives an idea of a post apocalyptic landscape. This ties in with my whole concept for Hamlet in the style of Artaud, and so I have been looking for that kind of inspiration.

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This led me to the idea of incorporating scaffolding into the set, to create a sense of levels and different spaces which there are in the text, such as the outdoor battlements and indoor chambers. By combining scaffolding with rubble and broken items scattered across the stage, hopefully I will be able to achieve this bleak landscape.

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As there are quite a variety of types of spaces within the play, I feel it would be beneficial to include a gauze in front of the scaffolding structure, which can be lit to reveal it or can be lit to completely hide it from the audience’s view. This could also be projected onto to reinforce the idea of the space; although I don’t want the set to be to realistic, it could be effective to project a bleak landscape image onto it, so the audience understand what I am trying to achieve with the scaffolding and rubble.

Different images could also be projected onto it to give the audience an idea that the scenes are in different locations, e.g the graveyard. I don’t want to use this feature too much though as I want the set, costume and overall concept to be unnaturalistic and perhaps a bit grotesque.

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