Sculpture Presentations

In order to assess everyone else’s sculpture reflecting on ‘Jumping on my Shadow’, we lay them out in Waverly Theatre in a place which is relevant to the sculpture itself, and we went round each one as a group and discussed what we saw.

Everyone had produced some really interesting work and I was particularly impressed by Amy’s crates, the level of detail in Shelley’s documents, and Bridie’s bread was very convincing. I drew little sketches in my book so I could remember everybody’s, and a few words of what was said.

When it got round to my sculpture of the oven, I had placed mine up against the wall, about chest height as I felt that was the most appropriate place for an oven to go. It would have looked awkward and bulky in the middle of the room, and I feel it was nicely tucked away in the corner of the room. People’s initial reaction to it were; negative, prison-like, trapped, haunting, dark, scary. I feel they were pretty accurate reactions as the scale of the door made it look more like the concentration camp oven as opposed to the actual bread oven. However when I turned the box upside down, and revealed the different kind of oven that I had represented, there was a different kind of reaction.

Helen noted that the use of scale within my sculpture was quite interesting and that the brickwork made the door feel very daunting, yet almost like you wanted to poke your nose inside. I told her that I decided to scale the bricks to the bread oven instead of the actual building, because I wanted it to remain at least slightly ambiguous as to what else it could be.

Here are some photographs that I took of other people and their work which they presented:

IMG_2010IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2018 IMG_2023


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