Object Theatre

Towards the start of the devising process we experimented with different objects and how we could use them as part of a narrative. We went down to the props store, we brought objects in from home, and we basically used what we could find to tell a story.

We thought about things such as symbolism within the objects; red for a soldier, delicate objects like ribbons or feathers for a dancer. We also thought about sounds and how that could change things, therefore we starting looking at the snipping noise of scissors and what connotations that had. We created small pieces of narrative using the scissors as an aggressive, menacing sound which is one of the things which led to our final monster idea.

We performed numerous times, the things which we had discovered with the objects and I feel like this period of ‘playing’ really helped us to connect with the objects and understand how we could use them more professionally, but still retaining the playful element.

Another thing which we look at right at the start, was the manipulation of fabric. We had two different pieces of organza, one blue and one orange, and we really liked the effect they gave when manipulated to represent different things. The orange created a glowing fire effect when lit with an orange light, and the blue moved like the sea when held under a fan, or manipulated by hand.


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