As a course we all went on a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to watch 2 performances at the RSC. Firstly we went on a small tour of both theatres and were lucky enough to see onstage, and backstage of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. We discussed the lighting, seating area, and a little bit of history of the theatre itself.

We were given a little bit of free time before the first show which was Love for Love by William Congreve. It was a restoration comedy, so very relevant to our 18th century project, and I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The set was quite minimal, but the costumes were bold and colourful and I feel this was a big inspiration for my own design project. I really understood the play and its humour which I wasn’t expecting so I felt like I wanted to achieve this for an audience seeing Man of Mode which I have been designing.


The second performance I was really excited about as I’d heard good reviews and was familiar with the actress playing Wendy as she had been in Hamlet, which we studied last year, as Ophelia. The most astounding thing for me was the set; the moving floor, the ‘human mobile’, the ship, and the angled window where the boys fly in and out of. It was very spectacular and for me personally the set was more impressive than the performance itself. I thoroughly enjoyed it and there were some incredible performances, but I was personally more enthusiastic about the design as a whole.


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