Making my model box

The model box first needed to replicate the Swan Theatre which we were designing for, so I used the printed copies of the ground plan and side elevation to get the measurements I needed. I then created the model box out of black mount board and UHU which I felt was quite sturdy.

I began with creating a new layer for the floor, so that the paint wouldn’t make the actual structure warp. I knew from my research that I wanted quite a neutral coloured set, and so once I had decided on the ‘illustration/graphic’ theme inspired by David Hockney, I was able to decide on the colour scheme of the set.

A large challenge for me was creating the side panels which represents the 4 rooms/ locations of the play, and is a large part in creating the ‘dolls house’ concept. I realised i needed to draw these in one-point perspective and so it took quite a few practices to get the drawings themselves right. I eventually was happy with the drawings so created the side panels, the floor and the proscenium roof area and I was happy with the way these 3 elements brought the concept together.

From here I needed to add in a few details, such as the coloured lighting in the windows, the lightbulbs which lined the proscenium arch and the stage itself to create the catwalk effect, and also furniture.

I also experimented with text and fonts for the Brechtian style sign at the top of my set. Once the lights and the furniture had been added I felt ready to present to the class.


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