Layout of my weeks:

  • I began my placement by reading a lot of policies and procedures, and by undertaking my Health and Safety induction. Although slightly tedious, I got to learn lots about the company, where it came from, and its missions and values today.
  • I was interested to learn it had origins in Forum Theatre, created by Augusto Boal, and their journey from being a research centre in the University of Manchester, to the separate organisation that they operate as today.
  • I was then told the kind of work I would be undertaking in the following weeks;
  • Mondays: Working with BA Drama and MA Applied Theatre students, in a workshop with a different guest speaker each week.
  • Tuesdays: Arden School of Drama working on developing a workshop suitable for prison.
  • Wednesdays: PD project; Stafford House, Toxteth and Bradshaw House, Bury.
  • Thursdays: PD project; Edith Rigby House, Preston.
  • Fridays: PD project; Resettle, Speke.
  • The PD (Personality Disorder) project is something that TiPP are working on in association with NOMs (National Offender Management Service), in order to make a short film about life on the offender/PD pathway.
  • It aims to explore their experiences of being an offender with a personality disorder, and the services/support available to them. They do this by visiting approved premises for people who are just out of prison, called PIPEs (Psychologically Informed Prison/Probation Environments).
  • They undertake various visual arts activities in order for the residents to try new things and participate in group work, whilst also being asked to talk about their experiences. This is filmed and audio recorded, and will eventually be made into a short film.

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