TiPP – Theatre in Prisons and Probation Centre

  • When I first decided to go out on placement in second term, I realised I wanted to do something completely different, and unlike any of the placement providers that had been offered to us.
  • I knew my options were either Nottingham or Manchester, however I really wanted to take advantage of originally coming from Manchester, and therefore being able to do a placement in my hometown. I also had a huge interest in theatre for non-traditional audiences and participants, as my previous two IRPs had been based on disability and prison theatre.
  • I therefore decided to do a little research into what options I had, and I stumbled upon the website for TiPP Manchester. I decided to write an e-mail to the director, Simon Ruding, on the off-chance that they would be accommodating, and thankfully they were.
  • TiPP stands for Theatre in Prison and Probation Centre which is a registered charity in England and Wales.
  • It was established in 1992 as a development centre and today aims to be recognised as an international expert leading the development and understanding of effective arts-based practices for socially marginialised people, particularly those caught up in the CJS.
  • Their office is within the University of Manchester but they are a separate organisation from the Uni, although they help to run the Applied Theatre MA course and a Prison Theatre module on the BA drama course, which I got to be involved with.
  • Their mission is to use the unique power of the arts to stimulate positive change for the benefit of individuals and related communities within the CJS.

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