Model Box Images

Here are a few selected images of my final model box which I took in the lighting box. I am really pleased with how my model box turned out and I think it does capture the Surrealist approach I was aiming for.

Scale Figures

I really wanted to improve on my figure making from last term as I felt my last ones were a bit bulky. I still used the same technique of wire and milliput, however I used very, very little milliput in order for it to be slightly more delicate.

I then copied a miniature version of my chosen costume design onto paper, and stuck it onto the painted figures.


I began my speculative design by researching into different ideas, concepts and the work of other designers in order to really grasp a coherent concept that would relate to the themes of the opera. I wanted something fun, and unusual to represent the magic of the production, and eventually settled on Surrealism.


My process began by looking at the themes of Lulu and how I could translate that into the 3D manekin. I percieved the protagonist, Lulu, to be a victim of her surroundings and so wanted to portray her as trapped and controlled by others. I also wanted to leave it slightly ambiguous and I did so by attaching the hands of the manekin to thread leading to other smaller manekins. Is she controlling them, or are they controlling her?