Mask Making Process

The process of mask making came in different stages, which meant we had to do it over the course of a week.

  1. Firstly we had to think up of ideas of how we wanted our mask to look in accordance to our individual brief; mine for example was ‘Angry Warrior’.
  2. Then we we given a lump of clay which we lay, piece by piece, over a model plaster head which would give us the correct/ standard size for our masks.
  3. We worked with the clay to develop the facial features and how large or small we wanted them to be; for example, I created very prominent eyebrows to enhance the anger.
  4. Once we had settled on our final shape we placed pieces of tin foil over the clay which we had layered with slip (a watery clay substance).
  5. We then went into the layering stage, which involved us layering up over the mask using packing paper, j-cloths, and a wallpaper and PVA mixture to make it all stick together. We had to do this in stages as each layer needed to be fully dry before we could start on the next.
  6. Once the last layer was dry, we were able to cut the mask off the plaster head, trim down the edges to the right shape, and add the elastic for going around the head.
  7. The final touch was painting the mask to achieve the desired finish.