Creating Baz..

A few images to show the process of creating ‘Baz’, our handmade puppet, over the course of a few weeks. The process included:


Cutting polystyrene

Shaping + surforming


Stringing together


When we had our completed puppet, we were then asked to create a short piece on the theme of ‘Transformation’. After researching possible ideas we decided to work with the idea of substance abuse in the form of exercise and fitness. The character is shown to be healthy and active, then throughout the performance he overworks himself to the point where he collapses. We felt this was a good opportunity to show what¬†physicality the puppet is capable of, and also tell a story many people wouldn’t normally think about.

baz baz2 baz3 baz4 baz5 baz6

Introduction to Puppetry…

Creating a presentation on the basics of puppetry and more specifically the Japanese art of Bunraku.

Rod puppets

Hand puppets

Finger puppets

String puppets

Shadow puppets

Water puppetry

Bunkraku is an ancient art form founded in Japan and is now called one of the most highly developed theatre puppet art in the world.